4 Best Free DJ Mixing Software For Windows

Well, it isn’t necessary that you need to have PRO tools to try out your hands on DJ Mixing. We have already shared some nice, free DJ Software for Mac.

With the multiple requests from our readers, I am compiling another list on best free DJ Mixing Software for Windows. If you have an inclination towards DJ-ing, then you should try out this DJ Software.

Yes, these software are not as good as any Pro DJ Software (that is the reason they are free), but these programs are surely not crap. If you are a beginner, or want to get the feel of a DJ, then you can surely give these programs a try.

Got a little DJ in you? Just give these free apps a chance, and see if you really have it in you to go for a PRO.

5 Best Free DJ Software For windows

Best Free DJ Mixing Software For Windows

Scratch Live

For some, DJing is all about scratching. And mind you, that is a cool art. It isn’t easy to do scratching and undoubtedly it is one of the best weapons of any DJ’s arsenal. If you want to sharpen your scratching skills, then you have to check this free DJ Scratching app for Windows.


Its a detailed free DJ mixing software. If you looking for an all in one aspect to try out DJing, then KraMixer is a good option to try out.With over 1.5 million downloads, KraMixer surely mark itself as one of the best in the business. Try it out!


This is one of the few good free DJ Software which is available for all the platforms. With UltraMixer, you can mix recording, do digital scratching, live looping, automatic beat matching and much more. For a budding COMPLETE DJ, this is a must check out software.

Virtual DJ

When it comes to free DJ software, I am not sure if there is much popular software than Virtual DJ. Year after year, release after release, this DJ software has been impressing its users greatly. The fact that it offers its free as well as PRO (paid), makes it a respected developer.

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