Share Folders on the Network Easily with Shared Folder Wizard

If you’ve got a large number of folders you want to share on the network, navigating to each one of them and going into their properties and changing them one by one can be quite a nuisance. Even sharing can be as simple as “Next, next, and next” with the Shared Folder Wizard

To start the wizard go to Start > Run > “shrpubw” > [Enter].

shared folder wizard

You can even set share permissions right there, so there’s no need to go back to those shared folders for additional settings.

Just remember to check the “Run this wizard again” box at the last dialog if you want to move on to the next folder. That is it and you are done.

I already discussed how to turn off Admin Shares of Your drive which will prevent you from sharing your folders, If you don’t want to allow your folders to be accessed by others on the network.

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