Get the Latest NEWS from the Internet by Integrating Website on your Desktop at all times.

Widescreen monitors give you loads of space on the desktop. Even around an open Word window. But it would be more practical if, for example, you have the latest information and news from the Internet on your screen at all times.  You can integrate any website onto the desktop if you have Windows XP. For this,

 latest news on desktop

  • Open Internet Explorer and load the website you want to integrate. This could also be an RSS feed, if this is the case then, click the arrow beside “Display feeds from this website” and select the desired entry in the toolbar.
  • Select the address of the site in the address bar, right-click the selection and copy this onto the clipboard with the “Copy” context command.Close Internet Explorer and right-click on a free space in the desktop.
  • Click on “Properties” in the context menu and then click the “Customize Desktop” in the “Desktop” tab. Select the “Web” tab in the “Desktop Items” window and then click on “New”.
  • In the following window “New Desktop Item”, right-click in the “Location” field and click on “Paste” to copy the internet address from the clipboard to the field.
  • Confirm with “OK”.
  • Likewise, acknowledge the following note with “OK”.
  • Make sure that the checkbox next to the entry which has been added is checked in the “Desktop Items” window and click “OK”.
  • You will now see an area on the desktop with the specified website.

You can move it around the desktop by hovering over the box and so that the frame appears and you can drag and place this box by holding left-click on the frame. You can also scale the area as a window at its borders with the mouse. You can have many small windows of different websites on your computer screen at the same time.

To remove a website integrated in the desktop, open the “Desktop Items” window. Uncheck the box for the corresponding entry and confirm with “OK”. However the address does not get deleted and so this enables quicker activation of this website at a later date. To remove it completely from the list, select the entry and click on “Delete”.


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