How to Use Any Type of Gadget On Vista’s Sidebar

vista sidebarVista Sidebar is a very essential feature which is used mainly for fast accessing of a lot of applications. But there are only a limited number of gadgets available for it. Here is a way to convert Google gadgets or almost any type of Gadgets and use them on your Vista Sidebar. You can transform almost any gadget into one that can reside in the Windows Vista sidebar or your Desktop with a simple software.


The freeware Amnesty Generator lets you do it, even if you don’t know a line of coding! Download & install Amnesty Generator from Then, choose a Web gadget you’d like to turn into a Vista gadget, click a few buttons to display the gadget’s underlying HTML code. Copy and paste that code into Amnesty Generator, you can change a few settings, such as the gadget’s name or size, if you wish, and tell the software to turn it into a Windows Vista gadget.


The gadget will appear in the Windows Vista Gadget Gallery. From there you can move it to the Sidebar or even your Desktop. Enjoy your favorite gadgets on your Vista Desktop.

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September 5, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra

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