Deactivate / Turn Off Unnecessary Windows Functions & Features to Speed Up your System

Vista loads a whole lot of functions and system programs on the hard disk during the installation. Many of them are never used but still take up space and possibly even system capacity. This reduces the performance of the system. We already discussed about different Ways to increase performance of Windows Vista. You can deactivate unnecessary services to speed up your system. By turning off these unnecessary windows features, you can increase performance of the system.

Open the start menu using ‘Start’ and enter the term ‘Optional Features’ under ‘Start Search’. The result appears above the field. Here, right-click the entry ‘Optional Features’ under ‘Program’ and select the context command ‘Run as Administrator’. If the currently used account does not have any administrator rights, you must select one that does in the dialog box and enter the respective password. If you are already working with an account that has the respective rights, a double-click on ‘Optional Features’ is sufficient.

turn off unnecessary windows features

Windows now collects information about the optional functions and lists them in a ‘Windows Functions’ dialog box, that could take some time. The operating system subdivides those entries that are followed by a plus sign into further sub-functions, which you can activate or deactivate, independent of each other.

Click on the plus sign for a list of the subordinate functions. Active functions are marked with a checkmark. You can now deactivate an entry by removing the checkmark in front of it. You can do this for instance, in the case of games, XPS Viewer, Tablet PC Components, Windows Teamwork among other things. Make up your mind as to which programs you never need. Finally, confirm your choice with ‘OK’.

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September 15, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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