Start8 – Add Start Button On Windows 8

If we talk about looks, then Windows 8 is unbelievably different from its previous versions. And users who have already started using Windows 8 are loving its interface.

The new interface of Windows 8 is nice and functional, but there are few things that people wish for. Missing Start button is one of those things that user have been missing badly.

Start8 is a nifty addon which brings back the super classic Windows Start button. Start8 is an application that adds the Windows Start button on Windows 8 taskbar. With the tool installed, you can quickly access the applications installed on the system via context menu by right clicking with the mouse, adds a number of useful typical Windows features.

Another feature is the ability Start8 choose a custom image for the button. While downloading this tool, it would ask for your mail ID. And that is all what you would be paying for this incredible addition to Windows 8.

Yes, change is good but there are few things that you love the way they are and do not want them to change. And I believe that Start button is one of those things for every Windows lover.

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April 5, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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