Zoom.it – Zoom, View and Share High Resolutions Pictures / Images Online

If you are wondering how to view those pictures or documents of huge size or high resolutions which cannot be seen clearly in the normal browser window, Check out Zoom.it, a free web service which lets you zoom, view and share high-resolution images.  It is used to convert images into Deep Zoom format. This provides a smooth and efficient way  to explore the whole image, no matter how large the picture may be.

To use it, Just visit Zoom.it , fill the link to any image on the web and click Create. It will then show you a best way to access and explore the image in a browser with zoom in and zoom out options along with a nice short URL.

zoom view share high resolution images

Zoom.it is created my Microsoft Live labs and iruns on Windows Azure. It also accepts accept links to PDFs, SVGs and even regular webpages / websites. You can even share this with your friends  or embed the viewer directly onto your own site.


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