TrapCall – Unmask Blocked / Restricted Calls on your Mobile Phone

TrapCall is a free web service which lets you unmask blocked or restricted calls on your mobile phone without any software. It can be used to identify the number behind any call and reveal the caller identity of unidentified or masked calls.. It works on almost every phone with any provider. You don’t even need to change your current number.

trapcall - unmask blocked calls

When you get any annoying blocked or restricted call, Trapcall receives the blocked call and its ultra-high tech servers snap their digital fingers and the convenience begins and the unblocked number is instantly sent to your cell phone.

The free version of TrapCall has Caller ID unmasking but with paid versions you get other features like blacklist unwanted calls, Missed call alerts, record incoming calls etc. You can always know who is calling with TrapCall.

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