Talk / Voice Chat with your Facebook Friends – Vivox Voice Application

Facebook’s chat application is very popular among all the Facebook users. It almost replaced text chatting of Instant Messengers. Here is a cool application which lets you Voice Chat with your Facebook Freinds. Vivox Voice Chat enables real-time voice chats with friends and groups inside Facebook. Along with that you can even have virtual reunions, play games or conduct meetings.

You can go directly to the Vivox Voice application page of Facebook and upon installation, each user or group is assigned a dedicated voice chat channel where calls and participants can be managed. It supports up to 100 people at once and it is even available for people without Facebook via phone.

Vivox Voice Facebook App

The technology will also be made available to application developers, so that they can build more Facebook Apps using Vivox Voice. New features will be added periodically, including voicemail/voice pokes, voice fonts, recordings, phone access, 3D conversations and more.

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October 10, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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