Swizzle – Subscribe And Unsubscribe Multiple Newsletters

Who does not like to save money? Whether it would be 5% discount or 20%, you would surely love to have that money saved. So there is always an option that you can subscribe the newsletters of your preferable services.

If you do so, the chances of missing out useful mails goes really high because of dozens of mails they drop you every day. And eventually, you end up unsubscribing to these newsletters.

Swizzleoffers you a more sophisticated way to manage your newsletters. All you need to do is Signup to this service and choose the brands or services that you want to follow.

Now all the mails like offers, newsletters, etc of the selected brands and services will be routed to your Swizzle Inbox, not your email inbox. The only thing Swizzle Inbox would have is offers and newsletters. So, there are less chances of missing out any nice offer.

Apart from this, Swizzle lets you unsubscribe from emails of number of other services. Meaning, instead of visiting each services’ website individually, you can simply use this web service to unsubscribe from number of services in a snap.

Use Swizzle to unsubscribe to all the services so that your email inbox does not gets flooded. And once done, you use it to register all the brands and services to your Swizzle inbox.

One of its features let you search brands and services as per your requirement like travel, baby care, apparel, pets, electronics, food & drinks and much more. It is like a one stop for you to keep yourself abreast with all the latest offers and news in the shopping market.

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June 28, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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