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The site says, ‘behind every song there is an emotion, and is why one loves music. If you hear something sad, we feel nostalgic and somewhat depressed, Caribbean rhythms, we would probably say happy, and if we hear good heavy metal, we’ll be fine energetic and aggressive. With Stereomood, you can find music by mood. Based on your mood, you can find music which you would love to listen.


Stereomood, which is a online music service, lets you select your mood and recommends music based on your mood. The way it operates is very much like that of an online Internet radio player. You can share, save and add tracks, straight from this music recommendation engine.

Once you register to Stereomood, you can not only find music by mood, you can also create our own playlist, and keep track of our emotional activity in the week, ie what emotions we heard over the last few days. You may also mark those tracks as favorites, so you can listen when we want.

Then it works like any radio online, unless we send new music according to the chosen emotion. Stereomood is a good way to hear music that fits our day, free of charge and online, complete and without much spin. Yes, this lets you find music by mood. Its worth trying.

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January 4, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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