LiteType – Free Online Virtual Multilingual and Interactive Keyboard Tool

Here is a web application which will provide you with a Online Virtual keyboard using which you can type in more than 50 different foreign languages. It is called LiteType, a free online virtual multilingual and interactive keyboard tool. The utility also allows you to search the typed text on Google, Wikipedia, and other resources without leaving the website. You can type in using your mouse and virtual keyboard on screen or you can even type through your keyboard.

lite type- type in different languages via virtual online keyboard

The home page displays the various languages available and after choosing the specific language you will be redirected to the online keyboard interface. There is even an option to remove ads for distraction free viewing. There are many other features of LiteType, like

  • Choose from over 50 + different languages available
  • Change layouts between different languages
  • Search for videos,maps of the typed text
  • Search various resources like Google, Yahoo, Live, Wikipedia, Dictionary etc
  • Zoon in and out
  • UTF Convertor
  • Save as HTML
  • Change skins for better viewing interface

Check out LITETYPE


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