i2Symbol – More Free Facebook Smileys And Twitter Emoticons

If you are one of those users who love tweeting and updating status messages on Facebook, then you would be glad to know about i2Symbol. This is a free web service which offers you with almost the things which would let you customize your tweets and Facebook status updates.

Yes, I am talking about styles, symbols, emoticons, smileys for Facebook and Twitter. Using i2Symbol allows you to give a personalized touch to each of your tweet and status update on Facebook.

Once you get on the home page of this web service, you will realize that there are lots of Facebook smileys, Twitter emoticons, and other symbols. And it lets you mark the selected ones as favorites, so that you can find them straight away without doing much of clicking.

Now one more feature which makes it a powerful source for Facebook emoticons / symbols and Twitter smileys is the fact that it lets users share their own symbols, styles, images and other work. So you can always expect to hit by something new.

You will number number of tabs just at the top of the home page. Below are tabs which feature different symbols, styles, smileys, emoticons for Facebook and Twitter.

  • Symbols
  • Vintage
  • Emoticons
  • Shared (features all the shared emoticons and smileys)
  • ABC

How about styling your alphabets? Yes, I am talking about Facebook fonts and Twitter fonts. It offers few selected styles of writing which can be copies and used on Twitter and Facebook. See if that feature impresses you.

If you are a super tweeter and like updating Facebook status messages in different styles, then check out i2Symbol.

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July 17, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra


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