How To Create Your Own Animated Avatar using Web Cam

Avatars are the best way to express yourself. these are very much popular in different social networking sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter etc. You can even use these as your Gravatar so that everyone can notice you with it. Generally we get download avatars from thousands of available sites. But here is a very simple way to create you own Avatars.

Here is a site called Cool Webcam Avatars, which lets you create your own animated avatars directly from your webcam. You do not have to sign up for an account or install any software. Here is the procedure to create your own animated avatars from scratch.

This requires you to record something on your webcam. You can record anything. So use your imagination. You need to take into account that the finished avatar will show up larger on the screen than the smaller size some sites normally require. That means you need to record a clear picture so it is easy to see if a site you use it on resizes it.

1: Visit Cool Webcam Avatars and click the Record Your Avatar! button at the top of the screen.

Record your Cool Webcam Avatar

2: A screen will appear which asks if this site can use your webcam. Click Allow.

Cool Webcam Avatars record

3: Click Start. You only have about 2 seconds to record but you can try again if you don’t like the created one.

4: When you like your results click Download Avatar! On the next page you can right-click on the avatar to save it to your computer. You do not have to signup for an account but make sure you save your avatar before you leave the page because it will not be saved unless you create an account.

You can show up your avatars to the world by creating an account. Creating an account is easy and free. After logging in, the avatars will be assigned to your account. You can check out the site for some ideas to create your avatar. Be Creative..!


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