How To Convert Any File To Torrent Online

Burnbit is an amazing web app which converts any file into torrent online without any torrent or P2P client. This web service lets you burn files straight on to your server to torrents without much of efforts.

All you need to do is simply mention the path of the path of the file that you want to convert into torrent and keep in mind that Burnbit supports only HTTP protocol. Once you mention the path, you can simply click on BURN button in order to convert that particular file into a torrent.

The best part about this amazing web service is that you can keep an eye on the status of burning process. While the web application is busy converting your file into torrent you can use their download buttons to watch the details of the torrent file.

And once the file is completely converted into a torrent file, you can dimply download that torrent file and share it on the Internet. This is fast, smooth, easy and reliable.

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November 11, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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