Favicon Generator – Create and Edit your Own Favicon

Favicon Generator is an online favicon builder tool that lets your create browser favicons for your website or blog.makes There are two different ways to get your favicon.

  • By uploading any image you want as your favicon.
  • Make your own favicon with a pixel-level editor.

The Generator mode is where you can upload your gifs, jpgs and pngs to be converted. The Generator will resize them to the standard 16×16 pixel favicon size for you, but you can easily get a full-sized .ico instead by clicking a checkbox.

In Favicon Editor mode, you draw your own icon on an oversized 16×16 grid, using any web colors you like. There’s no option to enlarge the grid, so this is no solution for serious pixel-art projects. When it comes to favicons, though, it’s the perfect tool for the task.

favicon generator- create your own favicon

There is also a Favicon Gallery where you can choose premade favicons for your site or blog. Once you are done, you can download and save favicons onto your computer or share with others in the public gallery. Create your own customized favicon at www.favicon-generator.org.


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