CX – iCloud Alternative For Android, Windows, Mac, BlackBerry

Cloud storage is the latest way to store stuff now. Now you do not need carry a memory stick or a hard drive to carry your files. Well, the world is getting Internet-ized and why to carry storage devices if we can use cloud storage.

But most of the popular cloud storage services available are not cross platform. For example, you cannot use iCloud on Windows or Android or Blackberry, so this makes us look for an iCloud alternative which can be used on Android, Windows, Mac

Now you might say why not Dropbox? I would say Dropbox is a great alternative but its 2GB of space for free accounts might stop you from using it. We have shared some ways to increase the Dropbox storage space. No wonder, you can use these ways to get your job done.

If you do not wish to invest any of your time in this, the CX Cloud Experience, is a great cloud storage service which offers you with 10GB of free storage space, which I suppose is good enough for you.

CX can be used on almost all the popular Operating Systems in the market which include, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry making itself available to you on which over device you are.

You can use CX on any computer or device for synching data, photos, music, videos, calenders, contacts, and every possible digital data.

Don’t waste much of your time, and try this incredible free iCloud alternative for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, BlackBerry and get yourself a cloud storage which can accessed from any device.

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February 2, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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