Collecta – Real Time Search Engine For News, Photos, Comments and Updates

Collecta is a new real time search engine. It can be used to search for news, Stories, photos or images, updates and even comments from various sources. It gives the real time search results about a particular topic which helps you to keep up with the latest information. It brings in the results from news sites, popular blogs and social media, so the results will always have fresh content.

Collecta has a simple interface with a search field. It shows the current hot trend below the search box. After you type in your search term and press now, it will show an interface with 3 columns. This makes it easy to use.

collecta - real time search engine for news and pictures

The first column contains search options along with your latest searches. The second column shows all the results and you can even stop the search results if you find what you are looking for, or else it will go on searching. The third column will show the detailed view of the results.

It offers you to search in various locations. The different options where you can search are News, Articles and Stories, Blog posts, Comments on blog posts, Status updates from twitter, Jaiku, Identica, and photos from Flickr. Thus resulting in a wide variety of results.

More number of services may be added soon. Collecta may be named like that as it Collects All the results from various sources and makes it easy to find what we are looking for.

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July 4, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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