6 Best Ways To Print Instagram Photos

Instagram has undoubtedly been the best photography for iPhone and iPad. I won’t be mistaken if I label this app as one of the major distinguishing factors between iPhone and other Android smartphones.

Recently, it was introduced into Android market too. And this move made Instagram the best photography app on the planet. You must be aware that Facebook bought this incredibly app which promises its success in the near future.

With the current day stats, 7 out of 10 smartphones are either iPhones or Android smartphones, so there is a need of good and cheap ways to print Instagram photos. With a powerful camera and decent photography sense, one can easily capture good pictures. And you would surely want to get those Instagram pictures printed.

So, here are some ways. I tried to cover the different and best ways to get pictures taken on Instagram printed.

Best Ways To Print Instagram Photos


Photo albums might of become an ancient idea but they are still liked by most of the people. So how about having an Instagram photo album printed? This service offers a softcover book of 20 pages of Instagram photos for $11 and if you want the same with hardcover, then it would cost you $22.


If you are looking for a canvas like print, say 12 inch square or 20 inch square, then this is the service that you need to check out which would cost you $30 and $60 respectively. A good way to get a king size picture printed.


1 inch Instagram photo stickers, what say? If it drives your attention, then check this service which offers number of Instagram goodies. I am not really sure about its price as it totally depends on the number of stickers you would opt for, so go ahead and check out the options you have.


If you are looking for a photo measuring as a 4 inch square, then go for this app as it would cost you just $0.30. And if you feel like getting any picture inside a frame, then they sell perfect sized frames for their 4 inch square photos. Its matte finish and superior image quality will impress you to core. Since it is one of cheapest options, I am listing this service here.


In this cyber age, I do not thing if people send postcards to their friends or relatives. But I know people who like collecting postcards, so here is a photo printing service for you. Just for $0.99, you will get a postcard with your chosen Instagram picture on it.


A 20 by 40 inch poster? Yes, I have already shared a server which prints an Instagarm picture of canvas like size, but this service lets you choose between 50 and 400 Instagram pictures for a single canvas.

I am pretty sure that you will find each of the above service useful because all of them have something different to offer. If you are aware of any such Instagram photo printing services, then do share with us and fellow readers.


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July 24, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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