How To Set Up A Own Professional Looking E-mail Service

With basic knowledge of DNS and how it works, it is actually possible to set up a free e-mail account and get your mails delivered as if it was from a professionally managed server. Here is the procedure which explains you to create your own Email service for your school, college, office or business :

create own professional looking email service

  • First, set up an e-mail account with any free e-mail server, say, Or if you have bought an internet connection from you ISP, you can use the e-mail account of your ISP (yourname, etc.)
  • Set up your own Web site, in one of many free hosting services. Check this for details
  • Buy your own domain name ( Indicative prices may vary depending upon the country you are in and service you are using.
  • If the provider you bought your domain from supports DNS, configure it to point to your Web site already hosted in the hosting service. Else, use a free DNS service such as ZoneEdit ( or no-IP (
  • Using ZoneEdit as the example, in the control panel, enter the name of the e-mail account you need to have as an official e-mail account, viz.,, and use ZoneEdit’s redirection service to redirect all mail sent to this address to your free account ( or your-, etc.)
  • You can use Outlook, Outlook Express to send mail. Just use the outgoing mail server name such as
    smtp.your ISP as your outgoing mail server. If you have a leased line or ISDN at office, it is easier to send and receive the 10 MB attachments that can be sent from most e-mail accounts these days
  • Any e-mail your business associates will receive from your free account will appear to come from mail, thus imparting a professional look to your business.
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July 1, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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