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Cameyo is a free tool which lets you make any application portable. As you know, portable apps are those programs which can be carried on your thumb / pen drive and which can be used straight away without installing it on your machine.

This free program is so very powerful. I havn’t tried it with all the applications on my computer but it makes all those applications portable which are important like Acrobat reader, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Filezilla.

Here is the step by step guide to use Cameyo so that you can make any application portable:

STEP 1: Download Cameyo and install it on your system.

STEP 2: Now, run Cameyo when you want to make any application portable and click on button
labeled as CAPTURE INSTALLATION, which will take the snapshot of the system.

STEP 3: Once the snapshot is taken, a window opens labeled as PROCEED WITH INSTALLATION. Now, you can go ahead with your appliation installation task.

STEP 4: Now, we have the snapshot of the computer before the installation of the file. So, now
install the application which you wanted to convert into the portable application.

STEP 5: And after the installation of the application, click on INSTALL DONE button. This will create the post installation snapshot which would take some time.

STEP 6: Once the snapshot is taken, a window pops up which would ask you to enter the identification and other details like destination path.

STEP 7: Now, Cameyo will take sometime to create the virtual file.

That is it! When you check your desktop, you will find a folder which will contain the executable file of the application that you actually installed and the one which you wanted to make a portable application. Now, you can take this portable app anywhere you want and run it directly. Try it out and let us know if Cameyo was able to make your application portable.

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October 27, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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