How To Host Your Own Web Albums of Picasa

If you don’t want to use Google’s online Web space like PICASA web albums to store your photos, you can upload them to your own personal Web site’s FTP server. This article tells you the procedure to move your files from Picasa web album to your own Host. In order to do it

Right-click on the album you want to upload and select Export as HTML Page. Enter a name for the album title and the resolution that you want to export the images to. Click Next, choose a template from the list and click Finish.

The finished page will be displayed in your default Web browser. You can upload that folder to your site and create a link to it from your main page. There’s a feature that Google claims as experimental but it allows you to upload the photos to the FTP server directly through Picasa. Go to Tools > Experimental > Publish via FTP.

Again, select a resolution, a save location and a template. Now you’ll be prompted to select an account. Click on Account Manager to create a new account. Click Add an Account and enter your FTP server information – address, user and password – and click OK. Now you can select your new FTP server and click OK.

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January 28, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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