How To Get Invites For Facebook Email / Social Messaging

Yes, you got it right. Facebook is now offering its email service to its users and everybody around is wondering how to get invites for Facebook Email IDs / social messaging. It has not been long back that Facebook changed the way people chat and share on Internet. Now, it’s the Facebook email service’s turn.

Experts and even Google say, that Facebook email service is very much capable of hampering the market of Gmail. Like every big thing on Internet, even Facebook is offering the Facebook Email IDs / Addresses invites.

So, in order to get invites for Facebook Email IDs / social messaging either your request is needed to be approved or your friends who are actually having a Facebook Email ID can invite to create one. There is a probability that Facebook Mail is named as Social Messaging.

Here is the request page, where you can go and request an invite for Facebook Mail/Social Messaging by clicking on the ‘Request Invite’ Button and you will be notified that “You will receive an Invite soon”.

Whatever would be the name of Facebook email service, people are very desperate to get invites for Facebook Email IDs / social messaging. You can try requesting for Facebook email IDs from the link mentioned above and see if you are lucky enough.

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November 16, 2010 by: Prasanth Chandra

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