How To: Download Flash Games to Your PC or MAC Using File2HD

There are lots of fun flash games available on websites like and cover everything from modern remakes of old school games like Mario, to original RPGs and action games. File2HD is a website that makes downloading web elements like flash content fast and easy. Here is a guide on how you can download some of these flash games to your hard drive and play them offline.

 1. On your computer browser of choice (Tested using Chrome and Firefox) navigate to:

 2. Now open either a new tab or new window and find a game you want to download.

 3. When you find a game you want to download highlight the URL or web address right click and select copy.

 4. Switch back to the tab with file 2 HD open. Click the URL box then right click and select paste.

 5. Click the check the box agreeing to the term of service and then hit box labeled “Objects” and press “Get Files”.

 6. Depending on the site you tried to download from, there may be more than one “.swf.” Some of these might be ads. See if you can determine which is the game by name, and if you cannot, then download all of them by right clicking and “Saving As” to somewhere easy to remember.

 7. Open the folder where you saved the files and right click on one of them.

 8. Select open with and choose a browser (internet explorer or safari should work)

 9. If it’s an ad, then delete it. If not, return to the folder and delete all other files.

 10. You can now play the game whenever you want by repeating step 8.

Things to Note

While this will work fine for normal self contained flash games, it won’t work on flash based MMOs or any game that requires access to the internet.


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