How to Deep Format a S60 or Symbian Phone

The Symbian OS in its series 60 is called as S60, It is a popular powering major smart phones all over the world. This post explains how to deep format your S60 Mobile Phones. Sometimes your S60 phone may boot up to the Nokia screen and nothing else. This little tip is also useful when you are unable to delete some files from your C: drive. You will need a utility like FE Explorer installed to view drive partitions available for download at Download FExplorer.

There is a hard format option which works on the newer crop of S60 phones. Before following the following steps please ensure that you have at least 75 percent of battery charge left, if this format process is interrupted you’ll be compelled to make a trip to your nearest Nokia center for a complete software install.

  • Shutdown your S60 phone, and remove the memory card.
  • Now press the green (call) key, your [*] (asterisk) key and the number [3].
  • Keep them pressed while you power on your phone.
  • Do not release any of these three keys until you see a formatting screen appear.
  • After the format is complete your cell phone will be back to its factory default state.
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March 5, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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