Create a keyboard shortcut to open a folder

Do you have a folder that you’d like to be able to open quickly and easily whenever you want? If you create a keyboard shortcut for that folder, you can open it anytime by pressing a key combination, no matter which other programs you have open. This will be very handy if you use that folder or even an application quite often.

To create a keyboard shortcut to open a folder

1.Click on Start, All Programs, Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.

2.In Windows Explorer (the program that appears when you open folders such as My Computer, My Documents, My Pictures, or My Music), right-click the folder to which you want instant access, click Send To, and then click Desktop.

3.On your desktop, right-click the new shortcut, and then click Properties.

4.On the Shortcut tab, click in the Shortcut key box. Now press the letter on your keyboard that you want to use to open the folder.

Note: In the Shortcut key box, Microsoft Windows XP automatically adds CTRL+ALT before the key you press, because to use the shortcut to open a folder, you have to hold down both the CTRL and ALT keys simultaneously, while pressing the letter you chose. This way, your folder won’t open every time you type that letter.

5.Click OK.

6.Now test your shortcut. Hold down the CTRL and ALT keys, and then press the letter you chose.

You can use this for any or every kind of application you want . But just make sure that you dont assign the same shortcut to two or more folders. Here are some posts on shortcut keys for different uses.
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December 2, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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