Repairing Icons for Links and Html Files in Internet Explorer 8

Something has gone wrong when setting up Internet Explorer 8: despite uninstalling version 7, the new browser does not display an icon for HTML files correctly. This problem occurs if Windows does not update the icon cache after the browser installs. This happens sometimes and the correct icons will not be shown. In order to repair the fault, Change the display settings temporarily. This forces Windows to read the cache again. For this,

display settings - screen resolution

  • Right-click a free area of the desktop and select “Properties”.
  • Then select a different setting in the “Display properties” dialog in the “Settings” tab in the “Color quality” list item.
  • If Windows asks whether you want to accept the new settings, click “Accept” and then “Yes”.
  • Now again select the original color depth in the “Color quality”, click “Accept and then click “Yes”.
  • After closing the dialog field with “OK”, the operating system displays the icons correctly.
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July 2, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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