Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter And Facebook

Social networking has become a part of most of the lives of the Internet users. And I know a great number of people who share an opinion of equating social networking with waste of time, but they still end up spending time on these social networks.

I have listed keyboard shortcuts for Twitter and Facebook which would let you save your efforts and time while you are spending time on social networks.

People are used to using keyboard shortcuts on operating system level, office related tools, browsers, but I am not sure if people use keyboard shortcuts for Twitter and Facebook. If you think, you should, then please check out the below compilation.

Keyboard Shortcuts For Twitter

Shortcut Action
j / k Navigate between tweets
. Refresh your page
n Compose a new tweet
t Retweet
r Reply to the tweet
f Mark a tweet as favorite
m Direct message
l Close all opened tweets
Enter Open tweet details
/ Search

Keyboard Shortcuts For Facebook

Shortcut Action
Alt + ? Get on to search bar
Alt + 1 Home Page
Alt + 2 Profile Page
Alt + 3 Friends’ Page
Alt + 4 Messages page
Alt + 5 Notifications

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May 31, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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