How to Stumble a page without Stumble Upon Toolbar

You can now Stumble any pages or posts without using StumbleUpon toolbar. Stumbleupon can be a great source of traffic.  In order to stumble a post or a page you will need 2 things. Firstly an account in, You can see my profile at and you can add me up too. Next step is installing the StumbleUpon tool bar on your browser. You can Thumbs up, Review or Tag a post using this tool bar. But for those people who don’t have this toolbar here is a simple java script to help them review pages without using stumbleupon toolbar.


So to review the posts in Stumble Upon just copy this script and paste in your browser and hit enter. You will see a new window which will have a box where you can place the URL you want to review. After filling in the URL, hit ENTER to get your post reviewed.

If you find this method hard to use here is a simple method which will allow you to make a bookmark of this code. So, by this book marking if you want to use this code you just need to select that Bookmark.

Here is the procedure to follow for Firefox and IE :

FireFox Browser:

Stumble this

Simply drag and drop the “Stumble this” link to your “Bookmark Toolbar Folder”. It will create a little shortcut for you on your FireFox Bookmark.

IE Browser:

Stumble this

For IE, you?ll need to use the following work-around to add this to your favorite.

Right-click on the “Stumbled?” link, then select “Add to Favorites” > “Links.”

Depends on your security settings in your IE browser, you might receive a “Security Alert”You are adding a favorite that may not be safe. Do you want to Continue? Press “Yes” to continue.

In order to use this bookmarklet, you have be sure that you already login into StumbleUpOn. Otherwise, it will not work. Now you can just one click to review a page. However, it won’t be as pretty as using the toolbar. Every time you try to stumble a page, you will be asked to review it. You will not have the option to “Thumb Up” or “Thumb Down”. You will always need to review it.

I prefer to review it. Why? Review a page means you are providing your opinion and show the page that you have more respect. In addition, StumbleUpOn might give you more weigh on reviewing a page than just thumb up. So whatever page you just reviewed will carry more weight.

So enjoy Stumbling without the StumbleUpon Toolbar..!

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August 29, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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