How to stop spam?

Spam mail is one of the big problems everyone is facing these days. It is very difficult to stop that. So the only way to avoid it is by reporting the senders email to the mail providers. By knowing the location from where it is sent from we can easily block the mails from that site or mail and you can have an account which is spam free.

The first thing you should do is to trace the email. The first step required to tracing an email is finding out the headers of the email. Email headers are lines added at the top of an email message that are used by servers as the email goes on route to get delivered. Generally email clients only show the standard To, From, and Subject headers, but there are more.

There are different techniques for different mail providers. I will discuss about Google and yahoo i.e., Gmail and yahoomail.

Tracing in google

  1. Once Logged into your Gmail Account open the Email whose headers you want to view. Click on the “More Options” link in the message next to the date of the email.
  2. Now click the “Show Original” link.
  3. This link will popup a new window the headers and the body of the message.

Tracing in yahoo

  1. Once logged in, click on the “Options” link in the upper navigation bar.
  2. Now click on the “General Preferences” link.
  3. In the paragraph titled Messages and locate the “Headers” heading and select “All“.
  4. Go to your inbox and open any one of your email. You emails show now contain additional headers.

The second thing you got to do is to know about this headers. The original headers you activated will show you an I.P address. That I.P address is of the sender. In order to easily locate it the best thing is to look in received from column. There you can find that I.P.

The third thing you got to do is to track the original sender of the mail. For that

  1. Enter the email sender’s ip is found go to to begin a search.


2. Now click on the “NET-24-16-0-0-1” link.


3. Scroll down the page untill you find the OrgAbuseEmail field.

Thats it!! Just report this site or the email id to the respective provider and remember to include all the headers of the email along with an attached copy when filling a complaint. Have a spam free Inbox.

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November 1, 2007 by: Prasanth Chandra


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