How To Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card

What would you do if you plugin your memory card, or USB storage device and find that it got corrupted? Well, the first thing that would come to my mind is ‘Wish I could recover data from corrupted memory card.’ So, we would be sharing an amazing trick which actually lets you repiar corrupted USB flash drive or memory card.

Losing important data is so painful especially when you do not have its backup. This trick would not gaurantee 100% recovery but what’s wrong in trying. Its better to lose some files rather than losing all of them. If you are lucky enough, then you can even use the recovered memory card / flash drive just like before.

Recover Data From Corrupted Memory Card

So, when you try to open the corrupted memory card / USB flash drive, it would throw you an error saying, ‘The Drive Is Not Accessible’. It does not mean that the story is over. In fact, this is where we would start working.

First thing you need to do is check the letter of the drive of the memory card, for example ‘E:/’ , ‘G;/’ or whatever it is. Then open the command prompt by hitting CMD as the RUN command. Then hit the below command,

Chkdsk G: /r

Here, G: is the drive letter given for the corrupted memory card / flash drive. Alright, if you are curios what exactly would the above command would do. The command ‘/r’ tells the OS to repaid the corrupted storage drive. This might prompt you to continue, so just enter YES whenever such question pops.

Once it is done, Chkdsk would list you out with the files that it has worked on. Now, try to open the drive again. If it opens, then it would show you with all the recovered files on your corrupted storage device.

And if it does not open, then you should try with other third party tools available on Internet. Make sure you try all the means in the book before you throw away your corrupted memory card.

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May 6, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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