How to Modify / Change Similarly Formatted Text in MS-Word Document

Are you staring at a word document that needs to be completely reformatted with a set of new styles? Were you just asked to make all existing italic sections bold as well? Maybe the document is huge and it will take you a few days to search for all the text that is currently in italics.

You can modify similarly formatted text in Microsoft Word 2007 with a simple procedure. Now, with Word 2007, it will take you just one minute, no matter how large the document is. Here’s a way to do it quickly and easily. To change the format of similarly formatted text in a document:

  • Open the Microsoft Word document.
  • Select the text with the formatting that needs to be modified. For example, select an instance of the text with italic formatting.

change similarly formatted text in word 2007

TIP: Right-click on the selected text, select ‘Styles’, and click on the option ‘Select Text with Similar Formatting’.

  • Click on the ‘Home’ tab.
  • Under the Editing section, click on the small arrow next to the ‘Select’ option.
  • Select the option ‘Select Text with Similar Formatting’. All text with italic formatting in the entire document is automatically selected.
  • You can now apply the new formatting. For example, under the ‘Font’ tab, click on the ‘Bold’ icon.
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July 28, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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