How to Make Open Office Load Faster and Better was cursed with a large speed problem, taking a long time to load, often over a minute. There are some benchmarks showing Open Office still uses a lot of memory is slower then MS-Office. You can make Open Office much faster by following small tricks which will reduce the startup time or loading time of Open Office so that the application loads much faster.

If you want to startup even faster, try these speed boosting tricks.

  • Upgrade to the latest stable version.
  • Use the quick starter.
  • Have you run prelink?
  • Upgrade your RAM, needs at least 64Mb, but it will be a lot happier with more.
  • Use native file formats, converting to other formats takes time.
  • If you are using Linux, use your distributions packages, they are typically more optimized than the plain ones.
  • If you are compiling, make sure you are using the right cflags. A well tuned selection can have a 20% increase. Using the latest version of GCC can also make a big difference.
  • If you try renaming a folder containing a new OO document, you may get an error message saying the folder can’t be renamed because it’s being used–even if you’ve closed the document. Here’s a workaround: Just move the document out of that folder, rename the folder and move the document back in.

These tips when followed will reduce the startup or loading time of OpenOffice and it will also help in using the OpenOffice in a much faster and better way. I will share some more articles about Open Office. So keep checking..

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