How To Import Facebook Contacts, Photos, Videos To Google Plus

I would be totally wrong if I call Google Plus a new kid in the block of Social Networks as it is getting viral slowly. Slowly but steadily, people have started using it and loving this new Google product. It already got millions of users and if you are one of them, then here is some useful tutorial for you.

No wonder you have been into Facebook and love using it. And if you wish to import Facebook friends, contacts, photos to Google Plus, then I give you a smooth way to do it.

Import Facebook Contacts, Photos To Google Plus

Yes, there is no easy click and go way to import your Facebook data to Google Plus because of obvious reasons of competition. But we still bring you an easy and smoother way to import Facebook friends, contact and photos to Google Plus.

Import Facebook Contacts To Google Plus

There is no direct way to import Facebook contacts to Google Plus. If you have a Yahoo ID, then its a great news for you or else just create one for you.

Now, login to your Yahoo account and click on Contacts. There you need to click on the Imports Contacts option and then click on Facebook. Since you have Facebook contacts transferred to Yahoo now, you can easily get them to your Google Plus now.

When you are Google + Circles page, click on Find and Invite option and click on the Yahoo button to import contacts from there. So logically, this is how you can get your Facebook contacts on Google Plus.

Import Facebook Photos To Google Plus

Similarly you do not have no direct way to import Facebook photos to Google Plus. All you can do is transfer your Facebook photos to Picasa and then import photos from Picasa to Google Plus. There are number of ways to do it. So, just explore and go by your way.

Import Facebook Videos To Google Plus

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to import Facebook videos to Google Plus and you need to put some efforts and time for this. First you need to download your Facebook videos on to your computer and then you need to upload them on your Google Plus account.

So navigate as Account > Account Settings and then click on Download a copy button. Then you can archive all your Facebook data right on to your desktop. Then you can upload these videos to your Google Plus account.

This is how can you import Facebook contacts, photos, videos to Google Plus. Yes, there isn’t any direct way for it, but this is a simple and logical way to do it.

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August 9, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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