How To Identify And Remove Spam Videos From Facebook

Facebook has been hit by all sorts of spam lately and spam YouTube videos are one of those unwanted stuff on your Facebook wall. Now how to identify and remove spam videos from Facebook wall? But how exactly is it spreading.

Suppose that one of your friends click on any of those spam videos, the same video gets posted automatically on his wall. And when some one from his friend list clicks on that video, same thing happens to him and this chain continues. So, here is some help to identify such spam videos and remove them from your Facebook wall.

Identify Spam Videos From Facebook

We wont be using any kind of tool or app to filter out such spam videos as it is not practically possible. So, we would be using little bit of our common sense.

Common Sense 1: Make sure that you read the title of the video before clicking on it. If you find titles are any of the below ones or similar to them, avoid clicking on them.

  • WTF Prasanth, Why are you in this video?
  • OMG Sidharth, Why are tagged in this video?
  • Yo! Deepak! What are you doing in this video?

Common Sense 2: Try the notice the URL of the video. For spam videos, you will not find the complete URL. It would be just

Common Sense 3: You will see a BIG PLAY button in grey color at the middle of the video. Genuine videos never have such play buttons.

Remove Spam Videos From Facebook

Now since you have identified the spam video, its your task to remove it now. Just across the video, click on the X button and then click on the Mark As Spam option. Its like letting Facebook know about the Spam video. And then Facebook Security team would be taking care of it.

This is how you would identify and remove spam videos from Facebook.

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May 19, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra

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