How to Delete Individual Search Terms from the Auto-Complete List

Automatic completion of text fields is of great help during online searches and when filling forms online as it saves a lot of typing time. Unfortunately, it also saves incorrectly entered terms, which you select again and again by mistake. You can delete individual search terms from this auto-complete list as it displays each and every search we have done including the ones we don’t want others to see. 😀

In the browser, you can delete the form data through ‘”Delete” in the “Browser history” section of the Internet options, found under “Tools > Internet options” and click “Delete forms”. The disadvantage of this method is that it deletes the entire list.

In order to remove individual entries, proceed as follows:

  • Open a website which has input fields, for instance,
  • Position the cursor in the text field and type a term.
  • The browser immediately suggests suitable entries.
  • Now simply select the term that you want to delete using the arrow keys and press [Del].
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August 20, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra


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