How To Customize the Windows Command Prompt

The typical grey-on-black theme can get boring. There are a few changes that can be made to the command prompt to look a little friendlier.You can even make transparent command prompt. The prompt itself can be customized, which by default displays C:\ or the path you’re currently on. They are as explained below :

The prompt can be changed by typing PROMPT followed by the parameters. PROMPT $P$G will restore the prompt to the default one. Some of the parameters that can be used are as follows—

$D — Current Date
$T — Current time

$P — Path
$G— >
$V — Windows Version

$M — Network path for mapped drives.


You can also have the text on the title bar changed. Enter the command TITLE in the command prompt, followed by the text you want to display on the title bar. For example,  title %username% %date% %time% will display the currently logged in user name followed by the current date and time. If all this seems unnecessary, and you want a change of colour, the simplest way out is to right-click on the command prompt title bar and click on Properties. The fonts, colours and layout can be changed from that option. Happy Tweaking..!

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September 14, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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