How to Copy – Paste / List the Content of Folders Easily

Want to know what songs you have in your miscellaneous folder, or what .files are taking up space in your My Documents folder? Let AutoHotkey find out for you. For your information, AutoHotKey is a program which lets you generate macros which perform a specific function. Know more about this program from here : Automate your operations using macros. Now, Use the following simple script to catalogue disc contents and then compile it to make it an executable:

SetWorkingDir, %1%
Loop, *.doc, 1, 1
All =
Clipboard = %All%

Now, if C:\misc\PCSPLACE is the folder in question, just drag and drop the PCSPLACE folder on to the executable you created. Based on the script, all the returned data will be saved to the clipboard. All you have to do now is to fire up notepad and paste it and then save or print it as you please.

The above script will look not only in the PCSPLACE folder but also all the sub-directories under it. If you want all the files in a particular directory to be listed, you have to replace the “*.doc” part of the script with “*.*”. This program will be very much helpful if you want to list out the contents of a folder.

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