How to Convert Multiple MPG Files to AVI and Burn them on One CD/DVD Easily

You have multiple video files in the MPG format and want to convert them to an AVI. Many people go for the video convertors to change the formats and makes a video disk. Here is a way to convert them and get them burned onto one CD or DVD in the AVI format easily.

You can use DivX Converter to get your job done. The procedure is as follows..

  • Download and install the DivX Bundle from 
  • Go to the DivX program group and launch DivX Converter.
  • A small Converter window will open; click on View List to open the list window.
  • Click Add to browse or and add your MPG files one by one.
  • When you add more than one file, you will see that the greyed box next to Combine videos into a single DivX file and include menu will become available; check it.
  • Click on the icon with an exclamation mark just below the checkbox.
  • Here, click on Advanced to access the encoding options such as resolution, bitrate, and more. You can select a certified profile, or specify custom settings.
  • Check the box next to Limit Filesize to and set the maximum expected size of the encoded file (this
    would be 700 MB in your case, since you want to get the files onto a single CD).

If the source files have different resolutions, you should check Use Custom Resolution and specify an appropriate resolution (specify either a resolution matching one of the files, or a standard video resolution). If necessary, click on the Lock icon so that you’ll be able to specify a custom aspect ratio.

  • Finally, check the box next to Limit Total Average Bitrate and this will let you specify the video and audio bitrates individually.
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June 2, 2009 by: Prasanth Chandra

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