How To Change Facebook Layout

Human brain functions in such a way that you tend to lose interest from any particular thing once you start using it more and more. If you got bored of the Blue and White layout of Facebook, then here is way to change Facebook layout.

Before you go ahead with this, I want to bring this info into notice that you would be able to see this new Facebook layout only on your computer as there is no way on the planet to get this changes visible on all other computers.

To customize Facebook layout, you to install a small tool on your computer called, FBSkins. This is an amazing service as it has got hundreds of interesting layouts at your disposal. This is basically a plugin or addon for your Internet browser.

So, once you make these changes on your Facebook Layout, you can only view it on the web browser which has FBSkins installed on it or else not. Yes, if you switch to some other computer, all you need to do is install FBSkins for the web browser, you would be displayed with the new Facebook layout itself.

Just visit the FBSkins site, and choose the Facebook Skin that you have liked the most and click on the button labelled as make this my Facebook Skin.

This will prompt you to download and install plugin on your web browser, just go ahead with it.

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August 15, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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