Get More Features in Outlook by Connecting Outlook Mail to MS Word

Microsoft Word can be used as the default text processor for composing, editing, or reading e-mails. If you set up an option  in Outlook, then whenever you compose a new mail, the Word formatting toolbar will appear, allowing you to use all the rich features of Word to prepare and format your e-mail message. Rich text is text that has formatting (bold and italics) and different fonts. If you receive e-mail messages in rich text format, then it makes sense to use Microsoft Word to read these messages, otherwise you will see only the text without the formatting and correct fonts. This integration of Outlook with MS Word can be done as follows..

  • In Outlook, select “Tools > Options” and then click  on  the  “Mail  Format”  tab.  Under  “Message  Format”, make sure both the boxes “Use Microsoft Office Word.” have a  check mark. Also  select  “Rich Text”  for  “Compose  in this message format”.
  • In Outlook, click on the “New” button to compose a new message.  Notice  that  the  Word formatting  toolbar  has appeared exactly below the subject line. Also notice that the “Word Count” box (which is a feature of Word) has appeared in the upper-right side. You can now go about writing your message and applying colors, styles, and fonts to different words.

integrate outlook with word

  • You will also notice that the menus have changed and are similar to the Word menus. In other words, you are using Microsoft  Word  within  Outlook!  The  Format  menu  offers commands  like Fonts and Styles which convert plain  text  to the rich text format. The other menus have also be modified to reflect MS Word commands.

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