Tips to Boost / Increase your Broadband Internet Connection Speed

Broadband is fast, but sometimes it doesn’t seem fast enough, especially if you put it to heavy use. Video from YouTube and online movie subscriptions place considerable demands on the average broadband connection as do internet games. Add to those services Facebook and Twitter feeds and your connection speed can slow to a crawl. Routine web surfing can even seem slow as your system loads video and graphics from websites. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your online life work better. If you are not sure how fast your broadband speed is then you can test it with a broadband speed check which will show you the download and upload speed.

Here we give you some tips on how to boost your broadband internet connection so you can get more from the fantastic resources you deserve to enjoy.

Tips to speed up your broadband internet connection

First, check your physical connection. Network and coaxial cables can get bent and cable connectors can become loose over time, reducing performance. Be sure to replace any damaged cables you find. DSL users often experience faulty line filters that bring internet service to a screeching halt, so they may require replacement as well. Pay attention to cable routing as well because fluorescent light fixtures, microwave ovens and other appliances and electronic devices can introduce interference that slows your internet connection’s performance.

If you have a wireless router, there are some simple steps you can take to boost your connection speed. Wireless connections are subject to interference from wireless phones, neighbouring routers, walls or furnishings, try to put it away where it’s centrally located and away from obstructions to get the fastest speed. You can check with your device’s manufacturer for other placement tips.

Wireless technology has improved a lot recently, so if you have had the same wireless router for a long time; consider shopping for a new one. A faster router will only help if you have a faster adapter, so be sure to get one that matches.

Most routers will display all the connections made to it, so log into your router and see who and what is using your Internet connection (check your user guide if you don’t know how). It may be a neighbour is using your router, slowing you down. Try enabling security options for your unit and set a passcode so only your household can use your connection.

If there are gamers in the house or apartment they may be using online services like Xbox Live. These take a lot bandwidth, slowing down your connection. If this is the case, you may need to put the gamers in your household on a schedule so you can use the internet too!

Next, consider the web browser that you are using. If you are using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, consider trying an alternative. Browsers such as Opera, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome are all free, popular browsers that all have the reputation as being faster than the Microsoft solution. Also, remove the browser toolbars and add-ons that you don’t really need.

Your broadband connection may be slow because you have an obsolete connection plan. One of the best answers for how to boost your broadband connection is to get faster service. You may be surprised at how much more speed you can get for little or no extra cost.

Try these suggestions and you may be surprised at how easy it is to get more enjoyment from your broadband connection.


Guest Post by Spencer Hogg of Broadband Expert, where you can run a broadband speed check to see if your connection is up to speed.

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