Best Ways To Sync Password Managers Betweem Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

It is safe and recommended to use different passwords for your different accounts. But remembering dozens of passwords will become a mammoth task to you unless you are good with your memory.

I have this habit of setting different passwords for all my accounts having a similar pattern. And this helps me remembering all of them. But there have been number of times when I have end up forgetting passwords.

Passwords managers are a great way to store your passwords, and you are allowed to erase your memory as you have this privilege of storing the passwords.

Now for an instance, suppose that you create a new account on and save its password in the password manager on your computer. And now you want to access your account on your Android but you do not remember the password. What would you do?

How about if you could sync password managers between Windows, Mac, Android, iOS? By synchronizing the passwords, you can save passwords on your smartphone or tablet and find the same getting updated on your computer or vice versa. Isn’t this an incredible way?

Best Ways To Sync Password Managers Betweem Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

Use KeePass With DropBox

KeePass is undoubtedly one of the most popular free password mangers available. Now you can sync the passwords between smartphone and PC using DropBox. To start with, install KeePass and DropBox on your computer, on the smartphone and on every other device between which you want to sync password managers.

Browse to My Documents on your computer and locate the folder, My DropBox and inside that folder, create a folder which we would be using for KeePass. So name it accordingly.

Now launch KeyPass on your computer, and opt to create a new password key file. Use the file to save to your passwords and make sure that you save this password key file in the above folder created in My DropBox.

You can now either opt to save all your passwords in the same password key file or opt to save them inside different key files. But make sure that you save all of them inside the folder created in My DropBox.

Now navigate to the folder under DropBox inside which you have saved all the passwords and double click open the Password Key File. And you can also open the same by launching KeePass on your device and use the below name when it prompts you to enter the same for the key file:

/mnt/sdcard/dropbox/FOLDER/<your password key file>.kdbx

Use 1Password With DropBox

The only intention behind including this method in the list is the fact that I have seen so many people using 1Password on their computers. Just like the way we synchronized passwords between computer and smartphones using KeePass, you can use 1Password too. Give it a try and let us know if you were able to crack it.

Splash ID Safe

I have not tried this but read number of good reviews about it. This free tool is compatible on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry, hence this makes it a YOU MUST CHECK IT OUT program. With its AES and 256 bit Blowfish encryption, you need not worry about the security and other safety measures. It lets you synchronize data between almost all the available platforms.

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