Best Ways To Switch To Old Facebook Chat

If you believe that the new Facebook chat is sucks, then I second that. There are many reasons why one would like to switch to old Facebook chat. New Facebook chat displays you with both the friends who are online as well as offline, which is completely pointless.

Apart from that, most of us did not find it as smooth and simple as the earlier version. So, I would be sharing few methods which would let you use the old Facebook chat (Yes, the good old Facebook chat). Just check with the below methods and go with the ones which suit you.

Switch To Old Facebook Chat On Firefox

We would using a script which would let you use the old Facebook chat. To run any script on Firefox, we need GreaseMonkey. So, just download GreaseMonkey on your Firefox browser and reboot the browser.

Once it is done, download the script. This script would actually get you back the old Facebook chat. So, just run it once you have restarted your Firefox browser. Now restart the browser again and surprise!!! You have you old Facebook chat.

Switch To Old Facebook Chat On Chrome

Do not worry if you are a Chrome user as we got a workaround for the Chrome users too. Unlike Firefox, Chrome does not require any third party tool to run scripts as Chrome has this built in feature.

So just download this script, and install it. Once it is done, just restart your browser and login to your Facebook account to witness the magic.

Apart from these two methods, if you are aware of any which would let you switch to old Facebook chat, then please do share with us,

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July 27, 2011 by: Prasanth Chandra


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