Best Way To Check PC Compatibility For Games Online

Sometimes reading the cover of a game does not actually tell you whether your computer would be able to run it with perfection or not. If you are running on the minimum required configuration, then the chances are there that the game would run sluggishly.

And you definitely do not want to buy a game DVD, install it on your machine and find out that it runs like cr**. That would surely disappoint you. So how about checking PC compatibility for games online.

Meaning, you can check if your computer or laptop is good enough to run any game (that you choose). And if things look good, you can go and get the DVD. Sounds good, right?

Make sure you have Java Runtime Environment installed on your machine.

Best Way To Check PC Compatibility For Games Online

Can You Run It

As the name suggests, this web service lets you know if you can run a game or not. What I love about this service is that it is so very easy to use. All you need to do is ensure that you have updated Java Runtime Environment running and good to see if you can run it?

Now there are two fields to enter the game that you want to check compatibility for. At one, you just type in the few starting letters and it would give you the list to choose from.

And the other is the drop down menu where you can simply scroll and see if you find the game you are looking for and click on it. I am now assuming that you are done with the selection of the game.

Now click on the Can you RUN it? button. Once you do that, it would prompt if you are fine if Java Environment does the testing. So just go ahead with it.

It would take a couple of minutes or four, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. And once done, it would display you the report.

If you pass the Minimum mark, it implies that you can run the game with minimum settings and if you clear the Recommended mark, then you are good to run this game with advanced settings on your machine.

Its database is huge, so you should find the game that you were looking for. And to ensure that the results displayed here are good to trust, check out some other services like YouGamers. But the report offered by Can You RUN It is detailed enough to win your mind.

Go ahead, try it. Happy Gaming!!


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June 29, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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