5 Best Tips to Increase Gmail Account Security

With better features and fast catching up of Gmail, it’s evident that many people are now opting for Gmail. And also when Gmail comes with better security features why not make use of it, so let’s check out the 5 best tips with which you can safe guard your Gmail account very easily and without taking much hassles to do so.


This is one of the effective security feature which is enabled in the Gmail by its security and is effective too, it’s always best to use https which can be enabled via “Settings”, under the “General” tab click on the “Browser Connection” and then click on the “Always use https” option. After selecting the same, you can click on the Save option. That’s it you have created a new security layer for your account login.

Check Filters

All the vulnerabilities which have been found in the Gmail are for the users who setted up malicious filters and also the auto forwarding. So, make sure that you regularly check your Gmail for this and if you find any do report it as the spam.

Check for https

Irrespective of from where you login to your Gmail account, always make sure that the url in the browser address bar starts with https:// and not http://. As Google says, “we recommend you only ever enter your Gmail sign-in credentials to web addresses starting with https://www.google.com/accounts, and never click-through any warnings your browser may raise about certificates.” Its very easy to hack or get into the account by the hacker if the url starts from http and is very difficult for the hackers to intrude in if the user uses the “https” at the start of the url.

Remember to Sign Out and Don’t disclose Password

Though there might be already an option of “Multiple Sign in” enabled in the Gmail, it’s always recommended to sign out from the account when you finish the session or else the critical information can be leaked out including the personal details etc. which can be then used to get into your account without your permission. Also, another thins is never ever disclose the password to any person as the misuse of the account may happen due to which you account’s security may be at risk. Also, it’s always advised to change the password regularly rather than keeping the same password for ages.

Check account activity

Yes, you can check your Gmail account access activity which will show you that in the last ten times from where and which IP address your Gmail account has been used from, this feature actually lets you know about from where your account has been accessed with date, time and which part of the country the Gmail account was accessed in a very simple format, you can also log out all other sessions from this window so that you can change the password immediately if you have any suspicion.  This feature of the Last account activity is there at the bottom of the page.


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