AccountKiller – Delete Accounts On Multiple Web Services

Last week, I sat to delete my multiple accounts on the some web services like Twitter, Yahoo, Gmail, iTunes. You all are aware of the efforts it takes to delete an account from a web service. So one can calculate the efforts you have to put in for deleting handful of such accounts.

AccountKiller is the webservice which would help you in your endeavor of deleting accounts on multiple web services at a same time. But why does the deletion of these accounts so important? Since these accounts could consist sensitive information about you, hence its deletion becomes important incase its not being used.

Once you open this web service, you would find a number of services listed over there like Skype, Google, Facebook, Gmail, iTunes, WhatsApp, Hotmail, MySpace many more. And if the web service that you were planning to delete is not listed over there, then you can type its name in the above mentioned field to find it and delete it.

AccountKiller - Delete Accounts On Multiple Web Services

These web services would be listed in tiles of different colors.

  • Black – account cannot be removed, it can only be deactivated
  • Grey – account cannot be removed directly
  • Light Blue – Account can be removed directly

If you have been looking to delete the account on the web service listed on Light Blue tile, then you can delete that account without answering any questions or filling any form.

Simple, right? Try it out to delete your accounts from multiple web services without much of fuss.

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March 4, 2013 by: Prasanth Chandra


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