5 Security Tips For Safe Browsing On Public WiFi Networks

WiHi hotspots are getting quite a common entity lately. Since it has become so easy to find one and start accessing it, you have to ensure that you keep yourself safe while using any such public WiFi network.

In this post, I would like to share some security tips for safe browsing on public WiFi networks. You might be using a hotspot of a reputed shopping mall, or any corporate park, you have to be equally secure on all sorts of public WiFi networks.

Best Security Tips For Safe Browsing On Public WiFi Networks

Keep An Eye On What’s Being Shared

Irrespective of the OS you are working on, one thing you have to sure of is that you turn the firewall ON. And the other thing which I would like to recommend is not to share any file or folder as it could prove to be dangerous.

If you are on Windows, you can disable the shared files and folders from Network and Sharing, whereas firewall can be turned OFF from System and Security Center.

And if you are on Mac, you can do the same within Sharing panel. And its firewall can by taken care under Security.

Use HTTPS Always

If you have ever noticed, all the bank web sites, social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and number of other sites run on HTTPS ( Secure Hypertext Transfer Protocol) rather than HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

You can either make a practice of using https:// with every website you browse or you can use tools for it. Number of Chrome extensions and Firefox addons are available which would automatically ensure that you use secured protocol only like Firesheep, HTTPS Everywhere.

Use Good Antivirus

Nothing can replace a good Antivirus program. No matter on whichever OS you are working on, having a good antivirus program is just like having an extra layer of protection. No matter how careful you be while browsing on public WiFi network, you need some program to monitor your activities at the background in order to warn you of any harm.

VPN Is Highly Recommended

There are number of people who spend a great number of their Internet hours on public WiFi networks. If you belong to such group, use of VPN (Virtual Private Network) is highly recommended.

If you are wondering what a VPN does, then the explanation is quite simple. It would just route your connection to one from another, and takes you to the required websites after number of IP bounces. Hence, your identify remains unknown.

Armor Your Web Browser

It is very necessary to have a powerful web browser. You might be using any web browser like Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera or any other. Each of these web browsers offer addons and plugins. Do some reading and get some of the best plugins installed on your browser to ensure that nothing can harm you on Internet.

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April 27, 2012 by: Prasanth Chandra

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