5 Must Know FaceTime Tips, Tricks, Shortcuts And Features

FaceTime is one the best inventions by Apple. People who use it on regular basis consider it as more than a normal app, as it has become a part of their lives.

And this post is dedicated to FaceTime lovers. No wonder, you have ended up onto this article because you want to explore more about this wonderful video chat means. I would be sharing some useful FaceTime tips, tricks and features that every FaceTime user should be aware of.

Record Video Calls On Facetime

5 Must Know FaceTime Tips, Tricks And Features

Record FaceTime Videos

I am not sure ifs a basic requirement for you or not, but I know number of people who are looking for easy and smooth ways to record FaceTime videos. I have written an AMAZING article on easy ways to record FaceTime videos on iPhone, and computer, do check it for detailed info.

Add Multiple Accounts On FaceTime

Most of us would defintely see a situation where you would want to add multiple accounts to your FaceTime. And you would be glad to know that its very much possible, whether you would want to do it on your Mac or iOS device. Here is the step by step guide to add multiple accounts on FaceTime.

Let It Work Always

If you are using FaceTime on Mac, then you can make it respond if when the app is not under use. All you need to do is launch FaceTime, get on to its Preferences and turn the toggle to ON. Now you would get calls even when you are not using this app.

Change Caller Information

Have you been using multiple email IDs with your FaceTime? If yes, then you have the privilege to change the ID information. All you need to do is navigate as FaceTime > Preferences, click on the email address, and then under the Caller ID section, you need to enter the name that you want to set to it.

Angles To Use

Make sure that you place your phone at the right angle so that the person at the other end can get the perfect view. You should keep your phone at about a foot away and you have to ensure that the iPhone is placed above the eye level.

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