1 best way to speed up booting time

When you switch on your computer it takes some time to load. I know everyone knows this piece of information but my intention was not to explain about the booting process, but to give you a trick to speed up the booting time or windows start up time. I tried this registry hack as I was very much vexed up with the time taken to start my computer and it worked too.

Here is the way to turn on your PC in much less time:

  • First click on the start button and press R it will take you to Run.
  • Then type Regedit and Press Enter.
  • This will open Registry Editor.
  • Now look for the key.


  • In the resultant result find the Key Called “Startup Delay”
  • Double Click On It.
  • Click Decimal where it is base.
  • Now its Default Value Is 4800000.
  • Change The Value To 40000.
  • Now close the Registry Editor and Restart Your Computer.
  • You’ll See The Result after restarting the computer.

Note: Always back up your registry before doing any tweaking it.


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July 23, 2008 by: Prasanth Chandra


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